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daqmxBase DAQ-Assistent MAC OS X

I'm using DAQmxBase with LabVIEW 7.1.1 on MAC OS X 10.4.3. My first test with the 6008-device work perfectly. But obviously there is no DAQ-Assistent for DAQmxBase on MAC OS X??????

Rudolf Lehn
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Thats true. DAQmx Base has no DAQ-Assistant. This is true for Mac OS, Windows, Linux etc.

Only DAQmx has a DAQ-Assistant.

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Hi Andre,
if we want to use LabVIEW on Windows, MAC OS X and Linux we have to use DAQmxBASE? I think there is no DAQmx for MAC OS X and Linux.

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There is a DAQmx Driver for Linux. You can find it here:
But as far as I know, there is no DAQ Assistant on Linux.
You are right, there is NO DAQmx friver for Mac OS, so if you want to be platform independent, the only way is to use DAQmx Base.
Hope this helps.
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Hello. I am trying to use my USB-6008 with Labview on MAC OS and I am not getting success. Can you send me a simple VI with the basic code to use it?





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You posted to a very old thread. It is often better to start a new one.


What have you tried so far?  Exactly what is not successful?  What errors do you get?


Do you have DAQmx Base installed?  Has the USB-6008 ever been used on a Windows computer with DAQmx?  There was a firmware issue some time back, and I am not sure if it has been completely resolved.



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I have DAQmx Base installed on my system, nevertheless, since my Labview is 2009 beta the DAQmx does not create a menu with options to me. There is a program "nidataloger" that cames with the DAQmx Base and using this program I verified that the 6008 is working. But I don't have the options in Labview to create my task. If you have a code (very simple) that works with Mac and 6008, please send me and I will modify it as needed.


You are right about the firmware, I updated it to work on Mac.





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Keep discussions regarding a beta version to the correct board
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