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I am creating a bench test set in labview that uses 8 ports. When it comes for the user to select the ports for each of the devices, I would like to see if it is posible to select only the available ports. For instance:


Device 1     COM1

Then for device 2, I would like for the COM1 not to appear when selecting the port. 


Is there a way this could be done?


Thank you,


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Accepted by topic author Cosmica

Note: I'm assuming you're using something like a menu ring control. Yes, it's possible, though I would suggest using the Disabled Items property. It's easier to use that property than fiddling around with deleting elements from an array. For each control all that you would need to do is build an array from the current values for each of the other controls that you have, and wire this array to the Disabled Items property. This will effectively disable all items that have been selected in other controls.


There is one flaw with the premise though: What if you have a value selected for each control? At that point there would be no way to change the value for any of them since all of the available choices would be disabled. Thus, you would need some sort of "Reset" button. 

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Thank you for your reply smercurio_fc,


I do have a question, I was not using the menu ring initially, but would using the menu ring work when listing the available ports for the pc in use? 



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I think I got it. Thank you for your help!!



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