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continouos output

Hello Community,


I want to produce a continuous ouput that is also recorded continuous and hand me sectionally .tdms-files back (after 400kS).


The output should be put together in sections, and work for multiple channels (2D array, each field contains frequency and amplitude). The generation is done in a for-loop. In addition, amplitudes and frequencies during the production should be changeable and adjusted in the next passage. I suspect that the PC can provide the signal fast engough bevor the writing process has expired (at 1MS/s with 200kS, it has 0.2s) or is a case-structure necessary? Unfortunately I don't understand why the recording does not work (samplerate 2MS/s), once I start the program, the signal generated output once and then nothing, the second start he seems coninually to output and acquire. In addition, the read error -200279 occurs. Is the output too slow, so there are no data to read yet? Is there a way that newly generated signals are appended? This would cause that output will always be faster than the recording and there will always be data for recording.

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