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communicating with ECu using FlexRay

So i am trying to setup VIs for communicating to an ecu through flexray by using the vector xl driver..i am using the vector case I am doing things in this order using the corresponding functions.

1) open the driver

2)get channel mask

3)open port



However after i open the port and pass the port handle to my setNotification vi(xlsetNotification).I get an invalid port error.Could someone please give me a guide on how to configure this environment  or if someone has some already functiong labview library for communicating  with flexray could you help me with your VIs?Thank you in advance

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Hello alpony01,

(As I mentioned to you in reply to the PM you sent) I have never used FlexRay nor do I have any hardware with FlexRay channels. The first place I started was with the XL Driver Library - Description.pdf document which is installed with the driver library installation.  Read, understand and follow the instructions for the functions you are using.  Use the corresponding flowchart to guide you in which sequence you may call the functions.


According to the flowchart, you must call xlFrSetConfiguration() after xlOpenPort() and before any other commands.

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Thank you TroyK.My problem here was that I was not closing the ports and driver after opening them

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