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camera video capture

Hi I am using a Basler GigE camera with Labview 2010. I am trying to capture a video. I can change the frame capture rate in NI MAX. In my attached program, I collect a specified number of frames and save them as an AVI. However, the timer tells me it takes longer than it should. So for example if I collect 200 frames at 10 frames per second, it should take 20 seconds to collect video, correct? It takes my program longer. Does anyone know why? Also, because of the time discrepancy, I do not know if the program is collecting the correct frames? Thank you!!

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Before an answer can be given, could you post the basler icd file. You can find it in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\National Instruments\NI-IMAQdx\Data.

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This issue has been discussed several times, see e.g. here. You can also start a search on how to grab images from a camera and write them to disk (in your case: avi). Good link for this is NI's Vision Forum.

Basically, you shouldn't use one loop for continous data acquisition and writing to the disk. Setup two loops (1 for IMAQ, 1 for AVI). This should solve your issue.

Depending on the compression filter you use you might still observe, that writing the the AVI will take longer than the IMAQ procedure.

Hope this helps.

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