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cRIO chassis locked; can not deploy

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Hello all.  Somehow I have locked my cRIO 9104 chassis to where I can not get my Windows VI to run.  Attached is the error I get.  I also attached my project.  The last thing I remember doing before this happened was that I removed Network Streams from the RT vi and the Windows Vi.  After that, I kept getting this error about the chassis being locked.


So my procedure is as follows:

a.  Open Project

b.  Open and Run Windows

--c.  At this point, I usually then have to open and run RT in order to see data coming into Windows vi.  However, I can't even get to this step now.


It seems something may be wrong with the shared variables.  I took out the Rate Reading shared variable in Windows vi that was wired to the loop stop.  After I did that, I would see values in the three Windows vi indicators, Flue Temp, Gas Temp, Gas Pressure.  I don't know what is causing this issue now.


There has been one confusing behavior I am seeing.  When I do step a, I get a screen saying things are deploying.  After Windows vi starts running (and sitting there not showing anything), I open and run RT Main.  I get another screen stating that things are deploying.  Why do I get the double deployment screens?  I'm thinking this is where my problem lies.  Of course, it has been doing this ever since I started this project.  It has never been a problem, I just wonder why this is happening?


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Accepted by topic author Dhouston

Hi Dhouston


Just a couple of troubleshooting steps:


-Make sure that your LabVIEW Real Time version is the same in both the Host and the cRIO.

-Try to create a new (from scratch) project and connect to your cRIO. Check if this error repeats.

-Backup all your files within the cRIO (if any). You could format your cRIO and re install the software on the RT.


Also, just to let you know, I was able to deploy using your project.


Kind regards,

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Ok, I checked the software, and they matched.


However, when I tried creating the new project and went to discover my target, I got an error message stating, "You can only have one chassis per controller.  There is already a chassis associated with this controller."

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Did you change the password for your target?  If so, try removing it again.

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My target does not have a password. 

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Lsan, I am going to do the formatting of the crio.  However, you said you were able to deploy my project.  Can you tell me the steps you did to deploy it?  I still feel I am doing something wrong when I deploy my projects, which may have led to the issue I am having now. 

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Ok, I formatted the cRIO and redeployed everything.  It is functional again.  I wish I knew why this happened, but at least it is working again.  Thanks all.

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