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cRIO 9076 disconnecting

I am attempting to use a cRIO-9076 with the NI 9512 and the NI P70530 stepper driver. However, I am having difficulties keeping the 9076 connected to my host PC. I've read the forums on this problem before, but those answers did not help solve my problem. The cRIO will connect when first powered on or reset, and will be visible in MAX, but when I try to view the attached devices in MAX (e.g. NI-9512 module), the cRIO will disconnect. 


I also cannot connect to the device in LabVIEW at any point.


I am using LabVIEW Real-Time 11.0.1 on the cRIO, and also Real-TIme 11.0.1 on the host PC (LabVIEW 2011 SP1 f2).


Any suggestions are appreciated.


Thank you,



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Hey Enan, 

Thanks for posting on our boards. You posted on the LabVIEW boards which is good, but I think you will probably get more responses if you post on the boards that are for the cRIO and RealTime stuff. 

Here is that Board: Real-Time Measurement and Control [cRIO, R Series, FlexRIO, sbRIO, GPIC]


That board is frequented by more people that interact with the cRIO and RT more than just the LabVIEW board.

When you post there, I would also add what your OS is and what bit OS you are using. It might be helpful!

Thanks for posting!

Douglas Choisnet
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Thank you for your suggestions. I realized after I posted yesterday that I did not specify the board that I wanted to post on. I appear to have remedied the problem for the time being by updating my Real-Time and CompactRIO drivers (I am picking up where an past student researcher left off in 2013), but if I encounter the problem again and it cannot be fixed, I will pay more attention to where I post the content.


Thank you,



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No worries Enan! Thanks for letting us know how you fixed it! I just wanted to make sure that the community that deals with the cRIOs and Realtime saw your post, not just the LabVIEW board!

Have a great day!

Douglas Choisnet
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