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cDAQ Module Serial Numbers

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I have searched the forums for different ways to read the serial numbers of cDAQ devices programmatically in LabVIEW.  All of them output an integer (example: 19761168).  Of course, in NI-Max it comes up as a string that matches the sticker on the module (example for same module: 012D8810).  If anyone knows how to correlate the two, or just read the string, then please let me know.  LabVIEW, and just posting on the forums these days, requires a great deal of Ibuprofen.

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For the example you gave, the 19761168 is an integer in decimal notation.  The 12D8810 is the same integer in hexadecimal notation.


So it would seem that cDAQ modules fundamentally have an integer serialization, but the labeling is rendered in hex, likely for compactness' sake.


Format Into String and Scan From String (with some variation of %x as the format specifier) would be my go-to functions for any further effort.



David Boyd
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Here's the Solution (but you need to figure out the "trick").  This is the entire Block Diagram:Model ID BD.png and here is the Front Panel.  You can also, of course, make it go the other way, Serial # to Model ID.  What's the trick?

Model ID FP.png


Bob Schor

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Thank you both for your help.  I did not see how the integer serial number would get to hex but I should have just tried the "right click - properties" for the control or indicator.

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