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Error-1629 control index has no terminal?


I'm not sure, but I think I need to get the values from the clusters and give them to the "control index". That may not make any sense at all. Thanks for help!


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See here:

"If the control or indicator for which you want to get the index does not have a terminal on the block diagram, this property returns an error"

Your numerics inside of clusters, so they haven't terminals


The best option, as you now do, connect the wires directly to the clusters' terminal .

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connect what wires to the clusters terminals?

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You are already connecting the arrays wires to the clusters terminal.
Do not you like this option?

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I'm not sure what I'm missing here. The VI won't run because of the error.

How will the control indexes be updated on the front panel if they are not wired up?

How do I tell the control index that the numeric's in the clusters are it's terminals, or can that be done?


VI attached


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Why are you trying to get indexes of numerics?
The DAQmx Read outputs are connected to the terminals of the clusters. The data is displayed. There is no need to record them also through indexes.
Remove everything that is painted yellow.


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I ended up using a portion of the scribbled out code to control the BG colors of the indicators in the clusters on the front panel. Yes, control indexes were no longer needed because the data from the modules is going directly into the clusters.

Thanks for your help!ControlBGcolorsOfClusters.PNG

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