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automatic plotting

HI, I have system which plots some data from a digitizer on the screen in real time. It produces straight lines and some polynomials interspersed with random scatter. I would like to fit the straight lines to a linear equation in real time, perform some mathematical operations on the parameters, and display the fit results on screen, then store the results in an excel file. How could this be done? I have no clue as to how to even start with it...
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Ummm... not to ask a dumb question, but isn't fitting a straight line to a linear equation redundant?

What are you using to display the data? You can use a graph or XY graph to do this. Just need to create your data into an array of clusters and feed it to the graph.

Note that if you want this in "real time" (whatever that may be), then the Excel writing will probably not be part of it, since that's file I/O. Are you running this on a real-time OS?
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