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activate floating window

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Accepted by littlesphaeroid

Looks like it doesn't work if you have the floating window automatically hide.  If you uncheck that box, it looks like the frontmost property will work.  So, that may be a bug, as I do not understand why it should make any difference.

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Matthew: That was it!!!! one stupid checkbox. Well, I thank you for your perservereance in helping me, despite my strident language... 

Creator of the BundleMagic plugin for LabVIEW!
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I have just read this thread and littlespaeroid seemed perfectly clear to me.  Hopefully he was not upset by your confrontational and abrasive language.  Maybe you were having a bad day that day.

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I have no idea who you think was confrontational and abrasive.


Or why you felt the need to comment in a 3 year old thread about it.

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natasftw said "What you asked for was confusing, poorly communicated, and the furthest thing from clear."  Seemed very unnecessary!  Yes, unusual to comment so much later!  But actually, the thread was about an issue I have been struggling with.

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Tim, thank you for commenting on this. It's funny, I found myself back on this thread again for the same reason. This LabVIEW bug bites me every time I try to make a dialog (not often), and I'm glad that this forum post is here to remind me!


It is frustrating how often responses on forums so frequently derail the topic or fail to address the real issue. This post is a clear example of that 🙂

Creator of the BundleMagic plugin for LabVIEW!
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I also struggled with this. My dialogue window can spawn other windows so it cannot be modal, but it was very annoying to have to click it to get focus. Thanks to Mathew for the answer, and to littlesphaeroid for posting it in the first place.

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