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acces library class version number from run-time

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I would like to obtain programmatically (at runtime) the version number of the class corresponding to an object . This info is available as a property of a LVClassLibrary member of the current project in the development environment only.

Thanks for your help

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Hi, Pierre,


The only way (which is working for me) is something like that:




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Thanks Andrey! It's a good idea. I was not aware of the xml structure of the lvclass.


Pierre Cottin


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Your solution works for accessing the "Labview class" version number.  What about to access a custom mad Labview class version number?  I have a class that I created inside my project and I want to do an about page in my application that will contain the version of the executable (which I know how to get) and the version of the labview custom made class.  Any ideas?

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If this is a class that you created inside a project, Labview probably does not think of it as a "class" and probably does not keep track of a version number for this custom class. Is the version number something that you assign it yourself?

What is the form of this class that you made? How is it represented on disk? 

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