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Write a TDMS file with a web application


I built a web application that read data from a DAQ and visualize it in a waveform. Also turn on and off a light clicking a button.

Can I save acquired data in a file?
Thank you,

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Hi, do you use labview or other NI software to build your application? 

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I use Labview and web ui builder.

I don't know if I can save data acquired by DAQ assistant.

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According to corresponding experts, Web UI builder is a sandbox and can't access files in local file system. The only way to do IO is through other web services. Look's like there's no current TDMS function to do that. 

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So is impossible to save data in some way??? Also a txt file, I don't know!

Or do you know a tutorial in which I can see how to interface the web ui builder application with another application that allow me to save files?
I don't know what to look for.

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If you use LabVIEW AND the WebUI Builder it should be possible to implement the logging in LabVIEW and the control and visualization with the WEB UI Builder.



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Can you link me a tutorial?
When I run the application and the DAQ starts, the program doesn't create the file like usually does.
I think I have to give a command to start the creation of the file Smiley Frustrated

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I'm not a Web UI expert. Here are some help documents and tutorials about this product I can find:

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