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[RESOLVED] My windows XP machine is trying to open .VIs in Labview 7.0 instead of 8.5

Edit: Looks like I'm not sure how to delete a post so I'll just update with how I resolved the issue: by opening LV8.5 and running a .VI from this instance, the option to use 8.5 became available in the 'open with...' list! 






Somehow over the weekend my machine (Windows XP, 32-bit) decided that it wanted to start referencing LV 7.0 to open .VIs instead of v8.5 like it's been for the previous months. The main issue that I'm seeing is that since all versions of labview are simply called "labview.exe", I can't get Windows to change from one version to the other (since, in the 'open with...' interface, it doesn't show another instance of Labview when I navigate to LV 8.5 via the browse function) and the registry is just as ineffective -- HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.vi\OpenWithList simply has "labview.exe" with no information of version whatsoever.


So I come to you fine folks of the forums: Have you come across this issue before? If so, how was it resolved?


Thanks much!




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