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Working with project. The dependencies.

Hi All,


I'd like to ask you what is the reason/trigger of appearance the VIs in the dependencies section of the project. I know that in the dependencies section there are VIs collected which are not explicitly called from the VIs which are in the project. However, in my case I have the VIs called explicitly and they are the members of the project, but - from some reason which I'm not aware and I'm asking for the help now about - there are appeared on the dependencies list.





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@MimiKLM wrote:

I know that in the dependencies section there are VIs collected which are not explicitly called from the VIs which are in the project. 


That's not correct. The dependencies section lists VIs which are explicitely called (SubVIs) but not part of the project. You can just move the VIs to your 'Source' folder (or anywhere else in My Computer) then they should disappear in the dependencies list.

You can right-click a VI in the project to find its callers so you see why it's in the dependencies.


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Something is not right.


Already I have the library which the VIs belong to into the project.


The rssiam_32.dll is in the project as well.

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Right-click the dll or the VIs to find its callers. Probably you have references to 2 dlls in different paths. The same with the VIs, probably some of your project VIs might have a link to a VI which is in a different path instead of linking to the correct library.


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DLL: I have 156 callers which are calling this dll. There is only one dll like that in the project and at the computer.


VIs: I have one caller for each of the VIs. On the computer there is only one library which handles the SubVIs. There is no other instance of this library in the project and on the computer.

The whole code is mass compiled.


There is no conflicts in the project.


What I did was I just drag and drop the files from the depandeny section to section above and it looks good. I still don't know why it happened...

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Hi Mimi,


As Dan has already said, the dependencies folder should just list the VI's and dll's which are not already linked within the source folder. If you are finding this is not the case, I would first suggest reviewing the location and paths of all VI's/dll's you have listed within Source which are still appearing under the dependencies folder, to ensure there are no duplicate files with alternate paths.


Further information on project dependenices can also be found within the Viewing Dependencies in LabVIEW Projects article.


I hope this helps.



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