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Programing using a 6501

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Can anyone help?  I'm using LV7.0.  Just bought a NI-USB 6501.  I vaguely remember having to use MAX to give my channels(lines/ports) an alias.  Then when I went into LV and did a create constant the channel name I gave it is in the I/O box.  This is not happening this time.  MAX.>Data neighborhood>new task.  I'm also looking for example code on writting a high out on a single line using the 6501.  Thanks

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Accepted by topic author MarkDavid

Hi Mark,


Are you able to create the task in MAX the way you are describing and it is just not showing up in Labview?  If this is the case then make sure you are using a DAQmx Task Name control or constant to display to view all of the task created in MAX.

Depending on what version of the DAQmx driver you have will change which examples are packaged with Labview.  If you go to Help » Find Examples that will open the example finder.  From here you can find DAQmx examples under Hardware Input and Output » DAQmx.  There should be an example for outputting to a digital line in the Digital Generation subfolder.  Write Dig is the one on my machine but all of these folder names and VI names can be slightly different depending on the DAQmx version.


I hope this helps! 

Andy K.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Thanks Andy.  I was using DAQmx 9.x.x and LV 7 doesn't ( or vise versa)  support it.  After a call to NI I had to search the web and find DAQmx 8.6.  That seemed to work. 

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