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Will LabVIEW be able to run concurrently with other software for BACnet

Will LabVIEW be able to run concurrently with other three programs based on BACnet: ORCAview, Delta
Historian and Regulvar Trendlogs Extractor?  The concern is any conflict between NI and BACnet, especially on the DAQ device drivers.

Background: For a new project, HVAC devices are controlled and monitored by BACnet automation with the above three mentioned programs. At the same time, LabVIEW is used to collect data from Ethernet connected CompactDAQ chassis. The PC (Windows 7 64bit Enterprise) has one building Ethernet port for cDAQ; and will be added with a USB to Ethernet adapter for BACnet/IP connection.

* BACnet is a network for data communication for building automation and control, with ASHRAE, ISO standards.

Thanks in advance.

raojw/Montreal, Canada

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Hello Jiwu,


Do you have any reason to believe the applications will conflict? Will the applications be trying to access any hardware or shared resources at the same time (serial ports, DAQ hardware, etc.)? If LabVIEW is only being use to collect and display data from a remote cRIO over a network, I doubt you would have any conflicts as multiple applications can access your network adapter at the same time. If you are running 4 applications at a time, you might have to think about how your CPU usage and memory usage will be affected.



Ian K.
Software Developer
Data Ahead AG
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I am getting 9 motors with BACnet to control motorized blinds in 4 rooms, and to obtain data from CompactDAQ at the same time. I had before some problems (which had been finally solved) with using LV and VEE of Agilent, not at the same time.  Thanks for your explanation. I'll go ahead with one PC option, instead of separate PCs for BACnet and LV.

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