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Why do I not see the Express and Advanced vi's on the FieldPoint pallet?

Please see attached.  Hi, I am currently not seeing the Express and Advanced vi's on the FieldPoint functions pallet.  Do I need to reinstall something/components?

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Please don't bury screenshots into proprietary file formats.  Just attach the screenshot as a .jpg, or better yet, .png image.


What is that image supposed to show us?  It cuts off the right side of your screen.

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I believe the menu I need can be found here:


I do not see the Advanced menu option from the functions pallet to add any additional menus.

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Pallets are added automatically. The FieldPoint pallet is located in the Measurement I/O pallet and its Advanced pallet should be located on the FieldPoint pallet. There are also no FieldPoint Express VI's. If FieldPoint is not there then you will need to install the FieldPoint Drivers. 

Alex D
Systems Engineer
Academic Research
National Instruments
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