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What version of FieldPoint is this?


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Dear Newton2this1,


If you expand the software tab in MAX it should let you know what version of FieldPoint you have installed.  Alternatively, you can go into Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs -> National Instruments Software, and it should tell you what version of FP you have installed.


Other than that have you opened context help over the sub-vi?  Does it say there what version you have?


Hope this helps,

Dr. Robert M. Ward MSci PhD CPhys CLA CPI

Certified LabVIEW Architect M>easurement Badge Measurement Badge

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Thank you for the reply Robert.  The  code I have inherited dates back before LV7.0.  i am just not sure which version.  I have LV2013 installed on my machine and am currently upgrading the code.  I have checked in MAX and hovering over the subvi isn't providing any assistance.

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Hello Newton2this1,


If you are working with the same PC that the code was originally developed on, you should be able to go to Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI-MAX) and look at the Software category under My System to determine what versions of software are installed on that PC.  


If you have a set of VI's that you are working with and do not know what version of LabVIEW they were created with, you can find the version it was programmed with using the methods in the document I have linked below.  If you can determine the version of LabVIEW, it will be easier to determine what version of NI-FieldPoint was used.  Please let me know!


How Can I Determine the LabVIEW Version That Was Used to Save a VI?

| Zach J. | Systems Engineer, HIL and Test Cells | National Instruments |
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