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While Loop vs Timed Loop

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Is there any difference between a Timed loop and a While loop with a wait function in it?
I tried to test the difference by running one of each loop in parallel, then checking the speed:

From what I saw, they run either exactly the same or within 1 ms of each other.

But that 1ms, if you were to look at % error would be X*10^-7 so it doesnt make much difference.

Does anyone know why someone would use one over the other?

Cory K
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Accepted by topic author Cory_K

The main difference is you normally want a timed loop in a RT OS, while a "normal" loop in Windows.


You can control priority/processor/etc in a timed loop.


But the biggest difference is the lack of multithreading in a timed-loop. (In my opinion)

Chris Van Horn
Applications Engineer
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I cannot answer your question exactly but I will point out that the Timed loop is tied to one OS and is not cross platform.



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