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What is the output of the SENT Driver API

I'm reading the SENT output of a vehicle accelerator pedal on an oscilloscope and with embedded windows 7, LabVIEW, and a cDAQ 9132 and 9205 analog input module. I don't have a FPGA system at this time. When utilizing the "SENT Driver API - National Instruments", what is the output value? Is it a hex value, binary, decimal, array of values? How does the SENT Drive API know how to interpret the serial data from the accelerator pedal, how does it determine the specifications of the signal output from accelerator pedal.

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I discovered there is an explanation about the workings of the SENT Driver API and it appears that the output is merely the pulse duration of the various nibbles. So then, how would one go about determining what the values are of those nibbles for a Audi vehicle accelerator pedal? I noticed that there appears to be a reference to the status nibble which apparantly contains decoding information? Thanks in advance! Robot Happy

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In order to understand the commands coming from the accelerator pedal you will need to see the specification sheet for the specific pedal. Is there information in there which can help you decode the nibbles coming from the device? There is also an example on the community page which both generates and reads a SENT signal, so possibly the read section of the code would be useful for you.


SENT Communication Example:




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" These next elements contain the data and checksum nibbles of a valid SENT message and will later be used by RT to extract the correct values."


Thanks! What I'm lookin for is as stated in the last paragraph of the NI SENT example text as depicted above. What I am now looking for is information on how to obtain the specification for a particular accelerator pedal. I contacted Audi, they said to contact a dealer's service dept. I'm confident the representative of the Service Department won't know what I am talking about. I have sent an internal request to our engineering dept for guidance. Waiting on a response. . . .

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