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What does 'Error62 Labview:serial port overrun error' mean and why is it happening?

I am trying to send some data file and reports using Labview7.1 but I can't even get "Email with Data.VI" (NI example under 'Notifiers') work. I think I have the right mail server and everything. However, when I run this VI, I keep getting 'serial port overrun error'.
Can anyone help me with this problem? Thanks
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The error message actually lists two possible causes of the error. The first is "serial port overrun error". The second is " The system caused the network connection to be aborted." Since you're not using the serial port, it's pretty safe to assume that the second possiblity is the cause of the error. You might want to check that the name of the server is the actual smtp server and not the Outlook server. You might want to check the size of the file and see if there is any limitation set up by your IS department
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Thanks for the comments. Now I have found out what it was that caused problems.

Yup, you were right. It wasn't serial port problem. In fact, the virus scaner on my pc was blocking something that kept the VI from working.

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