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Bug in vi.lib routine "Copy from Folder to" in LabView 8.0.1

There is a dataflow error in the vi.lib routine "Copy from Folder to" that is revealed by LabView 8.0.1

"Copy from Folder to" is called by "Librarian". I use the Librarian sometimes because it is the only way to copy a file that may be found inside a built executeable at run-time. "Copy from Folder to" intends to delete the target before copying source to target, but due to a dataflow error actually calls for the delete and copy operations to be executed in parallel. Under older versions of Labview, the delete apparently executed before the copy, so the routine worked. In LabView 8.0.1 the copy is executed before the delete, so the file is properly copied and then improperly deleted.

The fix is to fix the dataflow so that the delete occurs first. Alternatively since LV 8's copy function now supports overwriting, you could get rid of the delete entirely and just set overwrite = T.

A LabView 8.0.1 example is provided. It should make a copy of itself in the enclosing directory, but it doesn't until you fix the bug.
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Hi Rob,

Thanks for posting such a detailed description of the problem.  Thankfully, it has previously been reported, and will be fixed in the next LabVIEW release.


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Thanks Darren! I really appreciate knowing when a fix is in progress. I am looking at porting a large application from LabView 7.1 to LabView 8, and am finding certain showstopper bugs in LabView 8. (Not this one, as it can be trivially fixed.) Knowing that a fix is on the way is very helpful.

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