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WebService POST, GET and JSON data result

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I have a problem in LV2020 using WebServices where LV webservice JSON output format is transforming my string in UTF-8 format to a new string, adding {"String": to the beginning of the JSON string and escape characters (backslahes). 

(I tried with and without UTF-8 conversion of my JSON example string, but no good result.) 


Now I would like to use Labview webservice in combination with a webbrowser and present the JSON with Figma in a nice mobile app. There are JSON tools in Figma, but they expect correct JSON handover.)

Is there any way to present correct JSON code using WebService? What am I doing wrong? 

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If you want to use the Write Response VI then you need to configure the Output Type to Stream. See the Write Response VI documentation:


Writes a streaming response string for top-level VIs configured to use stream output mode on the HTTP Method VI Settings page of the Web Service Properties dialog box.



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Tx Milan. That solved my problem. 😀

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