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Vista DLL Load Error

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I am deploying a TestStand system developed on XP to a target system using Vista.  Part of the package uses LabVIEW VIs that call functions in a dll generated in Visual Studio 2005.  Everything works on the development system and on a deployment system running XP.  When I run on the Vista machine, the VI will not load in TestStand.  If I try to load the VI in the LabVIEW on the Vista system I see the error in the attached JPG.


Any suggestions?






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This may be .NET related, but I'm guessing the code was done in Visual C++? Are you trying to deploy a debug version of the assembly? If so, the debug DLLs won't be on the Vista machine. You should deploy the release version of the DLL.  You can also try installing the Visual C++ runtime (downloadable from Microsoft) on the Vista machine.
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Thanks.  That was the problem.  I had used the debug build of the dll.


This seems to be a common problem moving to Vista.  The MSDN forums were full of these issues.  In may case, I just needed to use the release build, the C++ redistributable was not required.

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