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Vision - Video with compression

Anyone knows why when I acquire a video with compression the video plays faster than without compression?

If I acquire video without compression and then play it on windows media player, everything is ok.
But if I had a compression filter (it doesn't matter the filter I choose), when I play it on windows media, it plays much faster.

I even try to acquire the video without compression and add the compression in the end, but I get the same result.

Thank you!
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Have you tried to play your compressed file with another mediaplayer like VLC or Quicktime ?
The problem could come from Windows Media Player.
Let me know the result of this test.
Pierre R...

Certified LabVIEW Developer
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I tried to play in VLC but I get the same result, it plays like windows media player.

I tried also to use the Cinepak Codec by Radius filter and it plays even faster that I use divx codec.
Should I configure anything related to the filter?

Thank you!
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