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Visa Alias

Hello Board,
Does anyone of you know if it is possble to change programatically the VISA aliases in LV7.1?
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Ek Balam,

Unfortunately I don't think this is possible.  Out of curiosity, why would you want to?

Robert Mortensen
Software Engineer
National Instruments
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I am developing my applications on my PC (LabView & TestStand), where I have changed the visa aliases manually, and I want to deploy them to several Test Stations. When running them in a test station I have to reassign the alias to a given GPIBaddress which some times changes depending on the test station.
What I wanted to do in my TestStand sequence Locals is to build a simple table specifying InstrumentName - GPIBAddress of the instruments so that I can create customizable Sequences for every test station (knowing the instruments and GPIB addresses) without having to go to NIMAX and change them locally, but I guess that's the only way to do it.
Thanks a lot for your reply.
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The alias names are stored in the visaconf.ini  (on my PC located at C:\VXIPNP\WinNT\NIvisa) just have a look inside. 

Section [ALIASES]

It should be possible to use the vis to handle ini-files for your changes. You might need a reboot.


I'm not shure if that is a recommended way of changing the alias, however we did that for the same propose, but the changes were done by our netinstaller without NI software running and it worked fine.  

And don't forget to correct the key: NumAliases

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It works great. No PC reboot required, no LabView reinitialization required !!!

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