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Virtual PXI chassis

We have a PXI-1042Q with PXI-PCI8331 MXI-4 comtroller.
I am wondering if there is a way to simulate the chassis being attached to the computer?
For instance: we have a lab station designated for this chassis and PCI controller, however this computer is not always available.  I would like to work on the LabVIEW code while at my desk without the chassis, and since I do not have a chassis at my desk I was hoping I could have a "virtual" chassis.  This would allow me to build and check the flow of the application, and when the lab station is available, install my exe there and completely test the application. 
We considered a embedded controller, but when the lab station is in use(running tests) the chassis is unavailable for me to use remotely through ethernet. 
Is there a virtual controller in LabVIEW to allow me to do development work while the chassis/controller is not attached to the PC?
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Hi V,

Unfortunately there is no way you can simulate a PXI chassis. However, you can simulate NI-DAQmx devices without any problems in Measurement and Automation Explorer (MAX). You can do this by the following steps:

1) Open MAX and Right-click on NI-DAQmx Devices
2) Create New DAQmx Device > NI-DAQmx Simulated Device
3) Choose your device from the list available

There are other non-NI-DAQmx devices that can be simulated, let me know what else you have and I'll post info to get that going.

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Is it possible to simulate PXI-5441 and PXI-5610 ?
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You can simulate an FGEN following this KB: “NI-FGEN
Simulated Devices
”. As far as the PXI-5610, there is a know issue
simulating this device so you won’t be able to simulated it. Unfortunately
there is no workaround.

I hope it helps
Jaime Hoffiz
National Instruments
Product Expert
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Hi Jaime,

do you know if there is a way to create a virtual NI-FGEN in MAX with a specified name. I'm working with TestStand to test a compiled software made with labview. So I can't go in code to modify the card. I would like to create a virtual NI-FGEN with name used by the software sending commands to PXI-5610 and PXI-5441. While developping my teststand sequence I don't really need the hardware, I just want to make sure my sequence file is bug free.


Thanks a lot


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Hi Jimmy,

I looked a little bit more into you case and I was able to find the same information for the FGEN on the RFSG driver, it was there all the time, I just over looked the help. If you find the help for the: “niRFSG Initialize With Options VI”

The C definition on the same document has a lot more info on the function. Search for: “niRFSG_InitWithOptions C Function Prototype”. Unfortunately you will need to have access to the code.




I hope it helps

Message Edited by Jaime F on 11-11-2008 03:25 PM
Jaime Hoffiz
National Instruments
Product Expert
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Hi, V


Now you can actually simulate PXI/PXIe chassis in NI MAX if you have PXI Platform Services installed.
1) Create some simulated modular device first.
2) Select it in the Devices and Interfaces window
3) There will be a Hardware Configuration Utility button up near Reset and Self-test buttons. Click it.
4) In Hardware Configuration Utility menu choose Edit>Add Hardware, then choose Simulated. Then select a PXI(e) chassis model you wish to simulate from the list. You can specify chassis name here as well.
5) You can close the Hardware Configuration Utility window now.


Here you go. The simulated chassis should be in the Devices and Interfaces window now.

Hope it will help people with this question.

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