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Using lat long with imaq axis matching

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I am having trouble associating the lat long values with the imaq image extent, firstly the imaq has an indirect coordinate reference with y axis icreasing top to bottom which is reverse to latitude values. Secoundly, I am unable to change the value of origion to any value other then (0,0). Can anybody help me or provide any guidence in this reard...

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I am having the same problem, can somebody for God sake, suggest some solution....

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Hi Amir13,


I would suggest you post this to the machine vision forum, , I think you'll get a better response there.  After you do that, could you please post a link to the new post here so user Sets can find it?


Also, when you make your new post, please attach an example VI and/or picture of what you're trying to accomplish.  Sometimes this can help describe the issue in more detail than text can.



Bobby Breyer
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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Accepted by topic author amir13

I have developed a relevent solution using various resources a screen shot is attached if anyone faces a relevent problem

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This is not exact solution

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Any suggesstions ??

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