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can somebody help on how to create an SPI protocol block diagram in which it communicate from labview to FPGA??

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Can you give us more details about the hardware side? (from what and to what kind of equipment you send the data?)


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tnx a lot

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i will send data from labview to it possible using spi protocol made in labview??

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Start here:

If you do not have sufficient hardware, you may want to consider the USB-8451.



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ahhm sir actually i am working with image compression with algorithm from the fpga...i want to transfer the data from fpga to labview can you help me on how can i transfer data through spi in labview? 

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The links in the previous post provide code for using NI digital devices to read and write over an SPI bus. What exactly are you trying to do? What hardware do you have to connect the computer to the SPI bus? LabVIEW alone isn't enough, you also need the hardware. If you don't have any, the 8451 mentioned above might be a good choice.


Is the FPGA already designed and working? Do you have a definition of the format used to transfer data from the FPGA to another SPI device?


EDIT: sorry the links provided focus more on writing to the bus than reading. If you search a bit you should find suggestions on how to handle reading from the SPI bus, but you will need to write a parsing routine for the digital waveform. If you can get to the point where you can read but not interpret the waveform, and you provide a detailed description of how the waveform should be interpreted, then you could post looking for help with that specifically.

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Also, this thread has sample code for software-timed SPI communication

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ahhm sir what ports in the fpga is the spi based in labview will pass??

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