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Using full development system on customized test setup that normally uses run-time - How to do?

I have 8.2 Full Development System (2 copies as there are two of us  who write code).
I develop testing systems, each on an individual computer, each customized with a custom built (by me) interface to test and measure perfomance of motors produced on the production line.
In order to modify the program and test it, I have to replace the production set-up computer with my developmental computer, make the changes (and check that they work) and then make the run-time version for the production computer.  THEN switch computers.  Since I have nearly a dozen different setups, I cannot just make two production test sets of each (one for development and one for production).
Is there an easier way? 
Perhaps with HDD in a drawer?  But then I'd have driver and version issues.
Is it possible to run the full development system remotely (from the production setup)?
What about a site-license?
Tim K
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From the 8.2 Release Notes:

Single-Seat and Multi-Seat Licensing

LabVIEW supports both single-seat and multi-seat licenses. Single-seat

licensing is the use of LabVIEW on up to three computers but by only one

user. Multi-seat, or volume, licensing is the use of LabVIEW on several

computers or by several users. Each seat using LabVIEW must have a valid

license from a license server. Refer to the National Instruments Web site at

for more information.

You are permitted to install LabVIEW on the the pc with the hardware, do the changes and debug, and re-build the app for production.

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