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Using NI 9474

Hi guys,
I would like to know if there's a way to control NI-9474 without using the cRIO chassis. I need its switching speed (1us) to carry 1.5A (1A per channel). I have a PXI system of 6259, 2566, DMM and PSU.
I just wanted to use the module, I hope anyone could help me.
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Hi Jack,

According with the documentation, the only way to pilot the NI-9474, it is to use the cRIO.
Otherwise, there are the NI-9472 or the NI-9481 that can be used with the NI-USB Carrier (9472 / 9481).

Best regards,
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Hello Jack,

With the hardware you currently own, it is not possible to use the 9474 without cRIO. Generally, it is possible to use the c-series module outside of cRIO. As you can see in the DAQmx read me file, the 9474 is supported by the DAQmx driver. As such, you are able to use this module in a Compact DAQ chassis (cDAQ-9172) by programming with DAQmx. The other option that you have is to use an R-series expansion chassis (cRIO-9151). You would need an R-series card in your PXI chassis that would interface with the 9151 chassis that contains your c-series module. I apologize that these do not seem like viable solutions for you, but I wanted you to know that they are options. Thanks,

Mike D.
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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Thanks for that.
I was looking into NI USB-9472, what does it mean by "Output delay time (full load)..........100us max"? Can I achieve a good 100us current pulse using this device?
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