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Unflatten from string error 42 - VI server method for controls

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Trying to use the VI-Server method to save and retrieve control values. Get a generic error 42 when using the control name "minimum value" but the Vi works fine if using a conrol name "minimum values". The enclosed vi can switch (using S1) between the two control names to show the error is in the name difference. Is there a way to fix the problem or should another method to save and retrive controls be used.


Attached VI is in LV2010 sp1.


Thanks for your help.

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It looks like "minimum value" is some sort of reserved term.  Maybe?

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Thanks for the reply. You're probably right because "maximum value" and "maximum values" does the same thing. Strange it's happening at the "unflatten to string" function.


Would "flatten to XML" and "unflatten to XML" functions work better than "unflatten to string". Not sure how to apply this or even if it's posible.





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Accepted by Steve1

One thing you may want to try is turning off the "Convert EOL" option in the Write To Text File and Read From Text File functions.  Since you are saving binary data as a string, you want to make sure the binary data is preserved.  It may make more sense for you to use the binary files, instead of text files, since you are trying to save and load binary data.


Chris M

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Both solutions worked (turning off the EOL and using the binary read/write functions). Will use the binary read/write functions in the VI as you recommended.





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