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RT processor usage

What is a normal RT processor usage?  The reason I ask is becasue I have a fairly complicated program with several vi's that run at the same time.  The one critical vi pegs the processor out at 100% when I enable it.  Even with I put a huge delay between loops it still pegs out the processor.  So, I'm not for sure why that is but bascially I'm asking if there is a suggested number not to exceed for the best life of the unit ect?


If running the RT cpu at 100% is not suggested, what are some simple things to drop the processor load?

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I just attended a talk at NI Week on Optimizing Performance in LabVIEW Real-Time.  The Developers suggest the CPU should run below 70%.


If your critical loop is running at 100%, see if you are doing any "non-time-critical" things inside the loop (like disk i/o), and move them outside the loop.

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Can you post a snippet of the code you are running that blows out the CPU?  Usually blowing out the CPU means you've got loops that are unbounded (loops that aren't simply bounded or block each execution), timed loops that have too much in them versus their period (and thus they are exceeding their time), or writing to front-panel objects in critical (or timed) loops.


If you can post, we can help.



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