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Unable to read data from an excel document of 365*24 values ( all rounded to 4 decimal points)

I have an excel sheet containing data of hourly loads in MW( rounded to 4 decimals) of one year.  So, I have 365*24 values that I want to import to Labview using Read from However what i get in the output array is 0's and randomly some unit values at very few places. I have checked the array size of the output array and it shows different array sizes for different yearly data.



I am attaching the four excel spreadsheets .


Plz help me with the issue I am facing.


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You cannot read native Excel file format with Read From Spreadsheet You can use AciveX automation, or convert the file in CSV-format and then use Read From Spreadsheet File.

There are a lot of examples in the forum of how this can be done.

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You sould look:


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If you are using LabVIEW 2014, it includes the Report Generation Toolkit (which is also available as an add-on in earlier LabVIEW Versions).  This can read native Excel files, including .xlsx.  With a few functions (3 or 4, I think), you should be able to get the entire Table into a 2D array.


Bob Schor

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