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USB CDC class

I am trying to communicate between PC and uC with usb interface CDC class as a virtual com port. I do have driver for CDC class and after loading it my device is recognised as Virtual Com port in device manager. So as a result I do have a controller which is connected via usb cable to pc and at pc side it is a virtual com port.

 Now as my device is recognised as com port-3 I tried to write labview vi for pc side... I tried to modify basic serial read and write example such that I can continuously send and receive data but I am not able to communicate....My point is that is there something else to do for this case in making vi...or something missing in my vi.... 

My vi is attached...

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Anyone used USB CDC class for communication??
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Do you have communication working with Hyperterminal? Before you try writing any code, verify the com settings and cable work with that.
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