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Can you help me?About exe running error

Hi everyone;

I build my project to exe.When I running exe ,it's ok.But some days later,problems come.First,a dialog that show 'xxx.exe has encounter a problem.It need close...' comes and then I chose 'debug' but my exe crashes.This dialog appears two times in a week.There is no reason I can find out,so it is very boresome.Can you help me?Thank you for your read~

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Have you try to rebuild your exe??

If your program has dll calling, possible is not stable or corrupt.
Maybe you can monitor the pc memory is ramp up or not.




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My exe is running in 8:00 AM-12:00AM and 13:30PM-17:00PM.It doesn't invoke dll and I rebuild it at least five times.It uses five serial ports to communicate with hardware.
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Do you mean that under exe condition, the program will be crash & how about run with original program, will it happen?
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CAn you explain what your program does? Are you reading anything using VISA functions? If yes double check your cable if it creating any issues.
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The project run about two days in Labview 2009.I remember  LV was disappeared abruptly on one occasion

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My project  apply to industrial-process measurement and control. Just as you say,I implement modbus protocol .So I use VISA function.

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As i suggested did you check whether it is a cable issue?
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