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Timer Counter


I need pulse in rectangular form but I don't know how to do it.

I used signal input is pulse 10 Hz 



please help, thanks 

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This appears to be a continuation of your thread from here:


However, reading that thread does not make things any clearer as to what you are asking. Your loop is talking to some serial device. What does a pulse have to do with this? Where is this pulse coming from? Are you generating it? Is the device you're talking to generating it? How are you supposed to measure it? Is that what you are trying to do with the serial command?


P.S.  You already have a while loop in your VI, so you do not need to use "Run Continuously". That (poorly named) mode is the same as you pressing the Run button each time the VI stops.

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Do you mean this link?


What is that amibotted link that you have in your message?

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@RavensFan wrote:



Do you mean this link?


What is that amibotted link that you have in your message?

Well that apparently was caused by the fact that WIndows sometimes ignores Ctrl-C to copy a selected text. I had just received an email from Comcast claiming that I had a bot. This was actually a real email from Comcast, not a phishing email, as I've gotten before, and easily recognized as phishing emails. Comcast has that URL that you can go to to check to see if you have a bot. I knew I didn't, but I went there anyway. The URL was on my clipboard (I had copied it from a Comcast page). I have no idea why Comcast thought I had a bot. Reading their support forum it seems I'm not the only one who's had false positives.


Sorry for the confusion.

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I use Pulse for sample signal, Pulse is comes from Digital Board or Arduino Board.

Why I can't find pulse signal from Labview, sorry for bad English




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It's still not very clear what it is you are trying to do, but my guess is that the issue stems from how frequently your while loop runs. It executes once per second but you are trying to read a 10 Hz pulsetrain, correct? If so, you need to make your while loop execute much more quickly.



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