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How can I build basic counter timer


I have to build counter timer circuit for my project and I need help for basic counter timer circuit.

and this is my example block diagram 



thanks, Ratha


please help 

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Hi Ratha,

                Iam attaching an example of a counter-Timer VI.This will be helpful for you to start with.Make necessary changes based on your requirement


                Hope this helps

Thanks as kudos only:)
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i slightly modified you rid of your "coercion dots" or "little red dots" by changing baud rate and byte count to an unsigned intergers and added your counterSmiley Happy


counter timer.png

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another modification using "time stamps"...Example_VI.png

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excuse me, I don't understand your board diagram 

My project is counting round/sec ex. round of bicycle. I need to know what time per 1 round  and next round 


1st round ..... sec

2nd round .... sec





final round ... sec

sorry for my poor explantion 


thanks, Ratha

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Thanks for helping apok,

My signal input is Pulse and I have tried your block diagram and I need to know it's can counting pulse input per round or per sec?


ex.riding bicycle

I need to count round of wheel per sec.


Thanks,  Ratha

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