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Thorlabs Kinesis LabVIEW simulator

Hello NI Community,


Is it possible to simulate the Thorlabs Kinesis hardware in LabVIEW?

I know there is a Kinesis simulator tool but I cannot connect to the simulator through LabVIEW.

Unfortunately I do not have acces to the hardware at the moment so it would be really nice to check the code with the simulator.  


Kind regards,



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Hi, Victor,

Yes, it's possible!
Briefly speaking, connecting simulated device requires another Labview class named "SimulationManager" in your block diagram.

Among the example VIs downloaded from Thorlabs website, there is one VI named "Kinesis - Simulated" in the folder "Simulator".



Instruction for connecting simulated devices is written its block diagram. You need to start with "SimulationManager" class in your block diagram and your simulated device's serial number while keep the Kinesis Simulator.exe application open.


After I included this class in the diagram, I have connected the simulated device in my Labview program.


Happy Labviewing!

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