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Temperature simulation

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Remove the existing wire and connect it.

Basic. Did you take any LabVIEW tutorial/class?
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a very basic lecture that is pretty much it, along with some videos to watch.


Anyway I just solved it,


now i'm stuck, when it asks me to use a while loop with a conditional terminal to stop the simulation, i don't get when does it know when to stop, it doens't really say anything in the problem about it

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Wires in LabVIEW carry the data.  When you want to display data, you connect the wire to the indicator.  There are function in LV which can choose from different data sources according to the value of a control.


You really need to go through the tutorials.


I suspect that your instructor wants you to use the temp VI as a subVI in a main program.



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my time is very limited, and other exams this coming week, so i have to fininsh this soon =/

I'm not sure when I should stop the while loop?

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The question makes no sense.

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As Dennis said, "The question makes no sense."


The true constant in the original while loop is wired to the termination terminal.  So that loop stops after the first iteration and then the VI stops.


If you are using Run Continuously with this VI, STOP! Run Continuously is there only for specific kinds of testing during development, not for routine operation.



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alright yeah that makes sense


the final part is to set an enum with strip, scope , sweep and the chart type should be configurable programmatically.


I followed a labview tutorial, yes, and I right clicked my waveform graph, clicked properties, and when it said to click update in the drop down, that area is all grayed out.


Hopefully someone could give me hints or suggestions

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Since you decided to use a graph instead of a chart, you are going to have a hard time finishing your assignment.

What dropdown?
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aha right lol, I'll get back to this soon once I make sure small changes.


Thanks for all of your patience so far

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I have gotten some stuff to work,finally I have to be able to change the color through property node while the program is running. I know where the buttons/palette is but I'm having trouble hooking it up. Are there any hints you can give me?

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