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Temperature simulation

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i've read some articles and posts throughtout the web, but can't really seem to diagnose why I can't connect this property node color correctly

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1. You need to switch the propety node to Write.  When created it is set to Read.

2. The input to the property node is a cluster of two values: Foreground color and Background color.  Use the Bundle or Bundle by Name Node to enter your new values.

3. The chart Update Mode can also be changed by a property node.



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thanks for the hints so far,


im pretty much stuck, I have the bg and fg color and then the cluster, as well as the bundle. However, how is this suppose to hook up to the waveform chart so while running the grpah i ican change the color.

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Actually, the FG and BG properties are the colors of the plot area - not the plot itself and you do not connect anything to the chart. Try connecting the color box to the Plot.Color property.

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oh wow thanks!


the final part is creating an enum value. Strip, Scope, and Sweep for the waveform chart and it should be able to change while the program is running.

I looked at some articles and said to use a ring enum, and edit the text there, but wiring is where I'm stuck, it seems it errors or breaks something when I try to hook it up to an array.



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What array?  Just drop down an enum control, right-click and add items, then wire it to the chart property node called update mode.

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omg ! thank you =), everyone who conributed and help me thorugh this learning process thank you!

love you guys!

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