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Stop Popups that appear while scripting RT code

I'm scripting some code (from a template) that will run on an RT target in LabVIEW 2020 32-bit. My starting-point template code has PPL dependencies compiled for my RT target.


Any time I open a class in my template programmatically, I get half a dozen messages that look like this:


But once I click 'ok' through those messages, my scripting code is otherwise able to do exactly what it's supposed to do. I've tracked the popups down to occurring directly within the LVClass:Open method.


Any suggestions for how to either:

- Avoid getting these popups

- Programmatically close these popups if they occur


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I think your problem is that you are opening your template VI in the wrong application instance.

By default, If you do not wire the "application refnum" input from "Open VI Reference" / "New VI", the VI opens in the application where you are executing the script (likely "My Computer"), so any RT-only dependency may fail to load (would be the same with FPGA-only dependencies).


To load the VI correctly, you will have to open it using the application instance of the target in which it is expected to run.

See the exmaple below (LV2020).

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@Raphschru, thanks for the response, and you're absolutely correct about the Application instance!  I just took a look at my code again and realized that I actually asked the wrong's my scenario:


I'm passing the correct application instance in to open a LabVIEW class, and this works as you described (avoiding the popups).'s when I save a copy of the class that I get the popups. Any suggestions for how to get around that?

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