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Step Response with cDAQ-9172

I would like to output a prescribed voltage to a piezo actuator and record the response.  I'm not sure how to sync the AO and AI and make the graph on a time basis.  I would like to calculate the Rise Time (step response), Overshoot, and Settling Time so I need help capturing the voltage jump with a high sampling rate.


I have attached the start to my vi.


I appreciate any help/insight you can give.




P.S.  This is a repost to this thread, I posted it to the Real Time thread last week but got no response.

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Hi lockesmith,


Your question is related to data acquisition and would probably receive more assistance from other users on the Multifunction DAQ forum.  Users frequently have varying areas of expertise and may monitor only those forums.  The LabVIEW forum is intended for assistance with the ADE and software questions unrelated to hardware.  LabVIEW Real-Time is related to the toolkit used on a real-time operating system.  It is also forum practice to post only in one location. 


There are DAQmx examples that are installed with the driver.  All examples can be navigated to via the Example Finder from Help>>Find Examples within LabVIEW.  DAQmx examples are located under Hardware Input/Output and can be expanded to show varying acquisitions and generations.  I recommend looking at the Synchronization folder and particularly under Multi-Function as you are looking to synchronize AI and AO on the same device (see attachment). 


A cDAQ-9172 is a chassis.  It would be also be helpful to post the modules that are used and their corresponding slots as this provides more insight into your current system and the corresponding capabilities.  Hopefully this helps!




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