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Square Wave Frequency Output in Labview



I need an explanation on how to output a frequency of a square wave to a NI 9263 module in labview? I understand how to add the modules to the project, I just need help with the frequency part. 



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Have you looked at LabVIEW's Waveform palette?  Under "Analog Wfm", where you can find "Generation", and "Square Wfm"?  Or under "Digital Wfm"?  There might even be Examples ...


Bob Schor 

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Yes, but i do not know where to go from there. 

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You didn't mention if you are using DAQmx, Scan Mode or FPGA Mode.

For DAQmx, you can refer to C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 20xx\examples\DAQmx\Analog Output\Voltage - Continuous

For FPGA mode, see C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\LabVIEW 2020\examples\CompactRIO\FPGA Fundamentals\FPGA Math and Analysis\Generation\

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Have you never done any DAQmx (or hardware I/O) with LabVIEW?  Have you never used MAX (the Measurement and Automation Explorer?  Plug your I/O device into your PC and power it up.  Open MAX.  Find your device.  Open a Test Panel.  Use the Test Panels to "explore" your device.


Now read Learn 10 Functions in NI-DAQmx and Handle 80 Percent of your Data Acquisition Applications .  See if this helps.  If it doesn't, find a mentor/professor/smart graduate student and learn about DAQmx and how LabVIEW simplifies getting data from hardware devices.


Bob Schor

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I am using FPGA, could you resend the info for the FPGA stuff? I could not open it. 

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There is no point for me to send the example to you. It is installed on your computer.

Go to Help >> Find Examples >> Hardware Input and Output >> CompactRIO or R-Series >> FPGA Fundamentals >> FPGA Math and Analysis >> Generation


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I did not see what you were referring to. Does there exists a VI that would simply allow me to control the frequency of a square wave, and have that output sent to an NI 9263 module? 


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Not 100% sure what you are driving at, but have you checked out the functions in the Waveform Palette?  Look at the sub-Palettes that have functions for Analog Wfm and Digital Wfm, which include multiple functions for generating Waveforms.  Digital Waveforms, of course, are "pulses".


Bob Schor

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Ok, it is actually in a different folder in Example Finder, but you could've explored all the folders and searched for it. 

The example is at  Help >> Find Examples >> Hardware Input and Output >> CompactRIO or R-Series >> Signal Generation and Processing >> Analog >> Generation >> Square Wave


Once you have opened the example, you can see how Square Wave Generator is being used. Follow the steps in Moving Examples to a Different FPGA Target to migrate it to your own cRIO. Then replace the FIFO with your NI-9263 output.



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