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I am interested in developing and revising the automation systems in the factory where I work. 
Scada systems were working in windows xp operating system with wincc v7.1 version.
I upgraded the operating system windows 10 wincc to v7.4. However, I am encountering a problem on a computer and I could not overcome it.
The system communicates with labview via plc opc scout v2.5.
Labview version 7.1 is used and the program is embedded in an exe file.
Labview program processes the data it receives from PLC and sends it to SQL Server database.
SQL Server 2005 is used .I installed sql server 2012 on windows 10.
I managed to run Labview program on windows 10, but it does not send data to SQL server.
I cannot access Vi files because it is an exe file.Labiew program created a txt log file. Attached is the error I got.
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