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Spikes in Elapsed Time (Variation in Code Performance)


Did you mean implementing a state machine within subVI for saving code? 

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NO, I mean more like an "action engine". (Sorry for the poor terminology). Yes, everything is in the subVI.

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That is interesting. I am not familiar with "action engine" but I will learn more about it and try to implement it in the code. Thank you for the input.

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Here's a very rough draft of what I had in mind:

(Very rough! Needs more TLC to be safe to use, so modify as needed. You can use a feedback node (shown) or a shift register in a dummy loop. "Mode" should be a typedef, of course. "Save" is the default, so you typically don't need to wire the mode in the caller)





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Thank you, I will look into it. This looks interesting.

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Also note that since the ref is kept open, it will keep track of the file position and always correctly write right after the previous data. I would probably turn off "convert EOL", less overhead.

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