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Question about Hooovahh ISO API

I am a newvie in Labview and in CAN protocol, in my own words, i´m trying to communicate the Vector CANalyzer, with the low-level CAN tool is easy, but with the high-level tool, i dont achive messages arrive to physical BUS. H

Has anyone have experienced this same problem? Any tips are really appreciated. Ty. 



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There really isn't a lot of information here, and plenty of places where it might not be working.  Are you sure you have the Request and Response IDs correct?  Have you tried performing something like a DID read?  Or a read DTCs?  You might not be able to understand the response without a CDD, or some kind of table from the manufacturer, but it will tell you if the ECU responds at all.  Do you see the request go out?  Can you plug in another device and see the request?  Does the ECU respond?  Are the IDs correct?  Are the IDs extended and is that set properly?  Do you have a CAN trace of the communication to see what isn't working?

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