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Simulating GPS Sentences


I understand that GPS NMEA sentences could be collected serially using COM ports. I also know that the sentences are updated sentences by sentences. If there any way I could use a log file of the NMEA sentences and make it run like it was from the GPS receiver?

Could anyone demostrate this?

Thanks alot

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Sure, and I'll try to answer a couple of your other posts on the same/similar subjects that you've posted today. First, in regards to saving NMEA strings, there are functions on the File I/O palette that can be used. Write Characters to File should work just fine. Once you have a file saved, you can them simulate the reception of data. If your GPS would noramlly be connected to Com1, connect it to another com port with a null modem cable (tx and rx swapped). Then, in a separate VI, read the saved file and then transmit it out line by line over Com2.
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Could u show me the connection of the write function to the serial port? I'm rather new to this LabView. I'm glad if you could show me the way...Thanks
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It's just a VISA Wite as shown in the attached picture. For other details on how to configure the serial port (baud rate, etc.) look through the shipping examples. There's even one called Basic 2 Port Serial Write and Read that writes on one port and reads another.

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