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Simulate a Robot in a 3D Scene

Hello everybody,


I'm trying to Simulate a Robot in a 3D scene using meshes, objects and heritage. Up to now, I can load a 2D .png Plane and a .stl Robot in the same scene and move the plane across the scene to simulate a robot motion. What I should do, is to center the robot in the 3d Scene and that would make you feel that the robot is moving. like in the video I attached. So the video is what I want, the .vi contains what I have. I'm very close, but still I can't find the way. I also have problems with the ilumination and the robot looks like a ghost. What could I use?? I learned using the SolarSystem example but it doesn't explain how to center the simulation.


Thanks in advance.


PD: The "PerspectivePlane.rar" file includes the program .vi, the blueprint and the .stl of the Robot.  

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